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Thanks for visiting my online page. This page is about my personal works I've done so far. I'm not putting everything since not every of my works I think good enough to show..

I was born 1973, finished Architectural study in 1997 and now working as Game Designer at cubrick interaktive, a game company I started in 2013.

Here's more about my experiences :


2001 9 th rank of 300 eligible contestant in Animation Contest held by CG-CHAR

2002 3 rd Winner in Asia Animation Superpitch Contest in Singapore.

Act as Animation Director for “Robie the Quest for Bracelet”

2002 SCTV short animation. Act as Animator, Animation Director for “Temptation” ( Entrant )

2003 Official Screening selection Taiwan international Animation festival in

Taipei. Act as scriptwriter and Animation Director for “No Plan no Gain”

2003 Motor Trend Design Contest ( Nominee )

2004 EXPOSE 2 official selection ( Pivot, page 113 )

2004 Motor Trend Design Contest ( Entrant )

2004 Peugeot Design Contest ( Entrant )

2005 EXPOSE 3 Excellence Award in Transport 3D category

2005 1st Winner of Sampoerna Pitch Contest. Act as Scriptwriter, Animation Director and Animator for “de Larjo Show”

2005 Honorable Award in Show Off, annual CG magazine

2006 Finalist in ComGraph 2006. Act as Scriptwriter, Animation Director and Animator for “de Larjo Show”

2006 Peugeot Design Contest ( Entrant )

2008 INAICTA jury for animation category

2009 INAICTA jury for animation category

2010 Winner at ICT. Act as Scriptwriter, Animation Director and Animator for "Larjo Show”



1994 - 1995 Working as Junior Architect at Plaza JambuDua, Bogor and Cilegon Hotel, Cilegon, West Java

1998 - 2001 Independent Animator for 3D Character Animation and Freelance Animator for Ad and TV Comm.

2000 Lecturer at Digital Studio for one year program in 3D Animation

2002 - 2004 Animation Director at dementiA animation

2002 - 2008 Lecturer at Cybermedia College for 3D Character Animation and Lightwave 3D

2004 - 2011 Animation Director at noise animation

2005 - 2008 Head of Animation Dept. at Cybermedia College Jakarta

2005 - NOW Freelance animator for various project in UK and US ( Remote working )

2006 Industrial Designer at Infinite Frameworks Studios

2011 - 2013 Production Manager at Surya Gluon Studios

2013 - NOW Animator and Game Designer at cubrick interaktive


Anyway , feel free to contact me at riza(at)rizawerx.com ( replace (at) with @ , sorry for incovenience, but spammer got my head very dizzy ). FaceBook page rizawerks. LinkedIn here and my Blog ( in Bahasa Indonesia only)

See you!